Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Corporate Media Does It Again.

I'll admit, I sometimes watch the news on television. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure. I get nostalgic for the days when that wasn't a pointless thing to do. But every time I try it, I get reminded why it's on its way to becoming as quaint as listening to the radio.

At some point a few days ago, the corporate overlords in television news decided that the northeast was about to get by an epic snowstorm of DOOM that would shut down all life for days. And they decided that nothing was happening anywhere else on the face of planet Earth. This was to be a storm so apocalyptic that all other newsworthy events in the world temporarily stopped happening purely out of respect.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wrath of the Con: Magic City Comic Con 2015

If you have never attended a convention for pleasure (not those stuffy seminars your jobs force you to endure), then you are missing out on a great niche of popular culture.  Merchants hock nerdchandise from behind folding tables littered with everything from comics to bootleg videos to ‘do not touch’ signs.  Cosplayers cordially stop for photos to show off brilliant costumes made with several hours of work.  “C” list celebrities pose for pics (for prices starting at $20), and comic artists sketch in books as people pass them by.

Con people are good people!

All that was found at Magic City Comic Con, but this experience lacked the excitement of other cons that I attended (check out Spooky Empire or Supercon--I don't know why I didn't post on that). 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lightsaber Combat as a Sport?

A couple years ago, in a country far, far away, a few friends decided to create a new sport based on lightsaber combat.

It's called Ludosport, and it's way cooler than any duel in the prequel trilogy, and probably cooler than any we'll get in the new films. This is what a lightsaber duel looks like when the opponents are actually trying to hit each other and avoid each other's blade, not carrying out choreographed steps of a clumsy ballet.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Nashville for Breakfast

Really—I’m feeling much better now.  Part of the reason why I’m not sitting in the garage with the car running or stuffing my head into an oven (quite a silly thing to do when you don’t have a gas stove because you live in Florida) comes from the breakfast I made and ate this past Saturday morning.

Over the Christmas break my truck made some terrible noises.  Two hundred dollars of repairs still didn’t manage to fix a broken air conditioner compressor.  After work on Friday my truck puffed smoke, and turning the Dodge felt like spinning a teacup at Disneyworld.  After eighteen hundred dollars of repairs, things are better.  My bank account now drips red as though I flossed it.

Friday night I resolved to skip the gym Saturday morning and pamper myself.  Reaching into the fridge, I grabbed the ingredients my Zombie family in Nashville sent for Christmas.

Kabaya Might Kaiser

Can Might Kaiser redeem this wave of Kabaya toys?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Contemporary Superhero Television Fails

Some feel this is a new Golden Age of superhero television; I feel that this is the most horrendous offering of pabulum ever to pollute the airwaves.  The reason for my irascible mood is that the current wave of superhero related television refuses to be of any consequence to the companies’ universes, their main hero storylines.

Agent Carter, a Captain America spinoff, debuted recently.  The show joins the ranks of Agents of Shield on the Marvel side and Gotham, Arrow, and The Flash for DC.  While possibly entertaining (I don’t care to watch any of it), the shows will never make an impact in the overall narrative.  No big stars will lower themselves to appear for the sake of television; thus no gravity will be given to their plotlines.  All the stories will follow the main arc; none will be a substantial part of it.