Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Five Yard Decorations Sure to Cause Trick Or Treaters Years of Therapy

For Halloween, the scarier the better.  All year long we deal with safe and sound.  We need one night where we put all our fears into perspective.  And what better age group to target than those iPhone 5 toting, card catalog not knowing, Kidz Bopping youth.

The best place to exercise our need to induce costume-wetting fear is right in our own front yards.  I’ve culled the best possible way to make the youth of today appreciate their elders by scaring the yell out of them.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Halloween 2012: Things Are Looking Better

The last couple of Halloweens have seemed to be recycled.  All of the decorations have had little or no updates, and the costume shelves had been lined with familiar faces.

This year feels a little different.  Remember when L.E.D. lights replaced the incandescent bulbs for Christmas decorations?  Everything looked and felt new for holiday at that point.

On a recent trip to Target I found some interesting Halloween accouterments that may make 2012 more memorable for our tricks and treats.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Halloween Resolutions You Must Promise to Keep

Tomorrow, September 22nd, marks the first day of Fall.  J. W. Ocker, who runs the Odd Things I’ve Seen Website has an amazing philosophy that I am proudly stealing.  *Ahem, I mean, adopting.  Ocker said that he celebrates Halloween from the first day of Fall until November 1st.  To honor his brilliant idea, I will be posting a lot of articles celebrating everything associated with the Night of The Dead.

Halloween lets us be truly free.  Masks reveal our true characters.  For one night we celebrate death, the strange, and the creative; in other words, we acknowledge our imagination.

In order to help you foster the same feeling of appreciation for the holiday that I have, I have made a self-help article regarding resolutions.  Yes, I know that resolutions are associated with New Year’s Drinking, I mean New Year’s Eve.  But bear with me, and you will see how a few resolutions will make this the best feast of Samhain ever.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The NFL Zombies pick the week 3 games.


Review: Godzilla vs Mothra

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah did significantly better in theaters than Godzilla vs Biollante, so Toho decided to continue in that direction by bringing back another classic monster. This time they updated their second most famous monster, Mothra. To add to the fun they threw in a new monster as well, Battra. With the addition of Battra this film also became the first of the Heisei films to feature a monster rumble with more than two monsters. It was the perfect recipe for a great film. What could possibly go wrong?

Monday, September 17, 2012

More Than Just A Sword

King Theoden of Rohan was both a noble and a tragic figure in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.  When Peter Jackson made his theatrical version of Tolkien’s trilogy, the director did a better job interpreting Theoden than other characters like Boromir.

Theoden’s best moment comes from his ‘awakening’ or liberation from Grima Wormtongue/Sarumon’s submissive spell.  As the king wakes, Theoden reacts like someone rising from a long, deep sleep.  He looks upon his niece Eowyn and replies, “I know your face…Eowyn.”  The line stands to show That Theoden’s mind had been so clouded by the evil wizard’s control that he must recall his own memories to reclaim his identity.

Friday, September 14, 2012

$18,000 To Reserve You A Tea Party

After my sister announced her pregnancy some ten plus years ago, I asked her if she wanted another boy.  My nephew is a blessing, and I was hoping that my sister would be productive enough to make another little guy who thought all my jokes funny like his older brother.

“No,” my sister resolved.  “I’m tired of trucks and dirt.  I want dresses and dolls.”

Through divine intercession and the expert craftsmanship of my brother-in-law, my sister gave birth to a beautiful girl.  Had this been another boy, my sister would have loved him with all her heart.  I was happy, though, that my sister’s good karma was paying attention and rewarded her with her heart’s request.

Just this morning that same sister sent me an interesting article from Jasmeet Sidhu at  It appears that women are now so desirous of having a baby girl that couples will pay $18,000 an attempt to go though the process of Prenatal Gender Determination.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Dredd 3D

Violent.  Calculated.  Subtle.  

One cannot avoid a comparison to action movies based in high-rises.  The Raid: Redemption.  Die Hard.  Towering Inferno.  All of these films are related in theme but stand out for individual content.  And that’s why Dredd 3D takes its rightful place among those titles.

Mega City One spans from Boston to D.C., and its walls keep out the radiation.  Or do they keep the millions of people imprisoned?  With thousands of violent crimes occurring daily, the megacity finds protection from The Judges, a group of law enforcement officials that intercede and pass judgment.  But those judges could respond to only six percent of the crimes.

The seasoned judge Dredd (Karl Urban) takes on a rookie partner in Anderson (Olivia Thirlby).  She’s failed the required tests, yet she has been passed through because of her mutant abilities.  With psychic abilities that are yet to be tested, Anderson tags along with Dredd for her on-the-job evaluation.

Intentional Decay of Context

As a student of language I have come to learn that time and society can alter language, and that language is an imperfect, changing entity.  Such is the nature of all things on this plane of existence.

Language is metaphoric.  It is merely a signifier representing a symbol. 

The word in English for table is different from the Spanish mesa.  The word bomb changed in tone from something bad to something good to something bad.

Using the Oxford English Dictionary provides an interesting look into the metamorphosis of meaning.

What I find most interesting and somewhat reprehensible about the use of language lately is that people purposefully alter meaning for the purpose of deceit.  In most cases, generalities are employed that are so lose in interpretation that an intentional decay of context forms.

Yesterday I was watching television for a few minutes and came across a commercial that raised my haunches.  An oil company that recently had an incident in the Gulf of Mexico aired a minute long spot in which the company claimed to invest billions in the United States.

Is this a lie?  No.  The company may have indeed invested billions in America through fines, corporate research and development, and payroll.  Because the wording sounds so benevolent, the phrase makes perfect sense for a commercial shown at the dinner hour.  A commercial that shows how the environment is pristine and the restaurants open and serving plates of seafood—despite the continued plague of tar balls washing ashore and the assortment of mutations being discovered in Gulf sea life.

By allowing the decay of context, bold statements are levied by companies, politicians, and clergy.  While sounding comforting, the lack of context to link a symbol to the signifier impairs the communication process.  And this is erosion of context does not come about by a change in the usage of a word or phrase by means of society or slang.

As mentioned previously, this act is not a prevarication.  However, it’s the most cowardly use of language since the sophists of ancient Greece.  I employ everyone to listen carefully to the claims made by advertisers, office seekers, and salvation promisors.  We must reestablish accountability in the use of language lest we allow our own stupidity to place us back into serfdom because we’re not smart enough to call out bullshit.

Stay alert, and keep rising from the graves of ignorance, my Zombies.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Frequent Flyer Shuffle

I, like most Americans, find the current state of air travel uncomfortable.  So why would someone volunteer to spend close to twenty-four hours traveling for no good reason?  To dance the Frequent Flyer Shuffle.

Take certain corporate executives.  One example, who I will refer to as X, has a conference in a place like, oh, say--New Orleans.  The company will pay for the day’s worth of travel and the ticket.  X will book the flight to the destination.  Instead of choosing the most direct flight, X circumnavigates the nation.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Info Zombie Podcast 14

Carl, Justin, Vincent, and Eric pick week one winners from the opening weekend of the NFL.  We also discuss fantasy starters and stoppers.  Go Giants!

Taking The Whale Road Through Ft. Lauderdale

With scenic routes like A1A and Las Olas Boulevard getting worldwide attention, the focus has been taken from the best route to really see Ft. Lauderdale: The Intra Coastal Waterway.

When visiting Ft. Lauderdale or entertaining out of town guests, consider a boat trip.  Put aside the beaches, shopping, and restaurants and take a water taxi or rental through the million dollar mansions and landmarks that so few get to see.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pacing is The Death of It: The Innkeepers

While I eagerly await Director Ti West’s latest word-of-mouth sensation V/H/S to stream, I took the opportunity to view one of his recent movies to come to disc, The Innkeepers.  Ti West proved his mettle with the chill-inducing The House of the Devil and its 70’s grainy exploitation film production style.  The Innkeepers marks a shift for West from the demonic to the ghostly with its tale of a haunted old inn.