Sunday, December 2, 2012


South Florida is looking to make an impact on the indie comic book scene.  And why not?  Many golden age comic book artists and scribes have retired in the sunshine state.  The next generation now rises up ton continue their legacy.

Seqapunch is a new comic that comes out quarterly.  The book stands as an eclectic collection of comic stories and styles.  Additionally, Seqapunch accepts submissions.  Need to break into the industry?  Here’s the best place to start.

Don’t take it from me; listen to the rundown from the creators:

Seqapunch is an open submission indie comic anthology we publish every 4 months with a theme. We accept any genre or style so long as it 1) fits our theme, 2) is 20 pages or less, and 3) meets our standards. We encourage artists to send drafts and in progress pages for editor feedback to help improve not just their chances of being published but also to improve their skills as a comic artist.

The comic can bought online for only $10.00 averaging of over 150 pages of content.
Sample the work and buy the comic at Seqapunch’s website.  This could be your chance to collect original work from a hot new writer or artist before they become as cold and distant as Robert Kirkman.

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