Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My thoughts on the upcoming Kabaya kits

Back on Sunday, Photozou user masafun2011 posted some in-hand images of the upcoming wave of Kabaya kits. After spending several days obsessively examining these images, I have some observations.
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Egad, that is a lot of stickers on Dai Atlas. I have a feeling this one is going to be a nightmare to put together. Look at those tiny stickers on Dai Atlas' horns. I've built plenty of these kits now, and I'm a bit intimidated. I suppose this is a good thing though. More stickers means a better looking kit when complete. Much more disappointing is the apparent partsforming this kit will require. Look at the thighs. It's clear that the lower legs will need to detach and reattach higher on the leg. This is a huge disappointment. I really thought we were done with partsforming after those outstanding Brave kits. Also, it looks like the old problem of weapons not wanting to sit straight in the hands has returned.

I am generally impressed with the design of the Sonic Bomber kit. It appears that he can hold his gun straight. A few parts that will need to rotate as part of the transformation are clearly secured on two sides, which means we shouldn't have to worry about parts popping off unintentionally. Unfortunately, sometimes parts will pop off intentionally. It's clear that Sonic Bomber, like Dai Atlas, will require that the lower legs pop off and reattach in a different spot, and unlike Dai Atlas it doesn't look like it's possible to just leave the legs short and pretend that it's the original toy. In this case the lower legs will need to be reattached at a different angle, and simply rotating them will not be an option. It's a shame. While I love the more anime accurate proportions of these kits, I'd really rather have perfect transformation. I also worry about those swivel joints just below the hips. If the hip joints are as tight as joints on past Kabaya kits have been, I really worry about the stress that will be placed on those swivels.

Road Fire looks perfect though. How did that happen?

I am loving the look of Big Powered. This is probably how I'll display my kits. I am loving all the weaponry. I'm not sure if the original toy could fit all those weapons in this mode or not. Some definite differences are that Sonic Bomber forms a much bigger portion than the original toy, and Road Fire's tower is much taller. The connections also do not look as tight, though this doesn't appear to affect the mode's ability to stay together. Overall it doesn't look as cohesive as the original toys, but it does look more powerful. The size should be pretty impressive in hand.

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