Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's coming.

- 72 Hours Remain -

This is it. In 72 hours the infamous 2012 doomsday will have come and gone. Most of us will get on with our lives as always. We'll get up, go to work, or shopping, or whatever. Other drivers will be idiots. Coworkers will still be annoying. Holiday shoppers will still be maniacs. Food will still taste good. In short, everything will be exactly the same. Including the doomsday talk.

Sadly, on December 22 there will still be doomsday talk. Believers will insist that they simply read the Mayan Calendar wrong. They'll come up with a new date and explain with incredible conviction why everything points to this new date. History Channel will air shows about why everything points to this new date. They'll even explain how signs that pointed to the 21st actually point to the new date. Someone might even make a horrible movie about the new date. This is just how doomsdays work. They never go away.

Do us all a favor. When the doomsday prophets come back with their revised date, ignore it. Don't tell anyone about it. Don't even make fun of it. Don't post about it on Facebook, or Twitter, or anywhere else. Just bury it.

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