Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Info Zombie Podcast 25: Paul Chapman on Halloween

Carl welcomes back Paul Chapman from The Greatest Movie Ever Podcast.  This time's discussion focuses on John Carpenter's Halloween and Horror Literature.


  1. I was drawn to The Info Zombie Podcast via the GME connection but I'm pretty sure I'll be back for more (I've bookmarked you, after all ;D). I just ordered the Richard Matheson Collected Stories Vol.1 at Amazon primarily thanks to you guys-- but also at least in part because I remember absolutely loving his story (itself very reminiscent of one of my favorite Lovecraft short stories) from an old yellowed 60s horror anthology in which an elderly lady converses with something unnameable courtesy of a downed telephone wire. That is the kind of weird horror that I enjoy and such stuff ends up lingering in my head for weeks so if the Matheson anthology is good I'll be picking up the other volumes. I've also picked up The Lincoln Division even though I'll have to read it on my computer (not my preferred format-- I like real paper books!) because the premise is interesting.

    1. Poonk,
      Paul Chapman is an awesome guy, and I am honored to have him on the podcast. His GME podcast is a must listen podcast for me.
      Thank you for bookmarking the Info Zombie. I hope to inform and entertain you, and I'm glad we both have a shared interest in horror.
      The legend of Hell House and I am Legend are two great Matheson stories that I recommend. Also, yo mentioned "Long Distance Call". Have you seen the Twilight Zone version of that story? It is on season 5, episode 139 of the original series, and it is awesome.
      When you get done reading your collection of Mathson, I would like to have you as a guest on the show to discuss it.
      And thanks for purchasing The Lincoln Division.

  2. The best horror anthologyI've read recently was Swamp foetus by Poppy Z Brite. But in the horror genre, short stories as novels are welcomed.