Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not At San Diego Comic Con, But In Tate's Comics

For those of us South Floridians who couldn't get to the West Coast, a great alternative presented itself: Tate's Comics Not At Comic-Con Event.  From noon to four on Saturday, July 14th, cosplayers outdid themselves.  Bags of swag were dispensed while people formed "The Line to Nowhere" in honor of the excessive lines that form for the presentations in the Halls of San Diego.

We here at the Zombie will be at the S.D.C.C. one day--as special guests and not attendees.  But until then, we're happy to spend time at the best comic book store ever.

Check out Tate's at
In South Florida?  Stop by Tate's at 4566 North University Drive, Lauderhill, FL 33351

Need some incentive to go?  Check out these pictures from the big event:



Am I wearing a hoodie?

I'm not making that droid mistake twice.



Blue Brothers!
Don't Blink

Devil Bot!

Wonder Twins

Sew Nerdy

Boba Fett makes sure no one shoplifts

Busy Front Counter

Godzilla Vinyls

Godzilla Vinyls 2

I had that X-Wing!

A Birds Eye View

Candy and Shogun Warriors



Iron Man and Villian


  1. It's Tom. I see you saw my friend JJ as The Joker and his sister as Zelda.

  2. Everyone was awesome. Hats off to all the cosplayers for their excellent outifts. I am officially jealous!

  3. Villian has man boobies...